Welcome to Cast For Life.

Life Casts for Everyone.


 Oh they are so very sweet
Those little tiny hands and feet.

May we suggest that you be clever,
Have them cast, keep them forever.

So you're going to be a yummy mummy,
Have a cast made of your pregnant tummy.

Now you've exchanged your wedding bands,
Have a cast made of your clasped hands.

And if you're tired of bums and teats,
We can discreetly cast your other bits!

If you're feeling really bold
Have it done in gleaming gold
Or  silver or in just plain white.

Whatever finish it will look just right.



Your life.   Your memories.   Your landmarks.   You !
Cast for life means just that. Have a replica of whatever is important to you;to keep forever to remember those special times that will never come again.
Babies, children and adults. Hands and feet. Tummies and torsos. Heads and tails. Whatever you want we will try and deliver. We operate throughout Surrey and most of South West London. Give us a call or e-mail us for our catalogue of costs - starting from £40 - or to ask for something specific. We look forward to your call.

We can offer something for everyone. Body Casts are great for special occasions, such as birth, engagements, weddings, anniversaries and pregnancy, right through to fun casts which make the most fabulous gifts.

 Call or email us today to discuss our availability for your very own hand, foot or body cast.


Cast For Life is a member of the Association of Life Casters International